Saturday, 14 July 2012

We're back!

Sorry we've been away for a bit, we have had some amazing storms here and it knocked the wifi out at the camp site. As you can tell now though we are back in business. It's rained most nights with awesome thunder storms. We have had some rain during the days too but it doesn't last long and the temperature doesn't rally fluctuate much, it's still frigin hot. It's lovely here though. The campsite is pretty basic but very clean and tidy and well patrolled. We have a laundry, pool, club house, library amongst the usual facilities. Everyone is so friendly here and we seem tone the youngest on the site. Lol.

There are some pics of the site and a couple of vids of the new rig for your viewing entertainment. I even let Adam have a go. Bless.

We are stayin here till the 18th which is when the car is booked in to have the towing stuff fitted then we are off for real. Wool.....


  1. Hi glad to have you back, wot car u got? We have 2 new baby girls much to joey's delight lol, he sits on their cage, that's the closest he gonna get!! Weather here still crap, we went saw the Olympic torch & went on to Hudson's field, too late too see Sandy tho, still had good time. Take care, blog soon xx

  2. Looks like the weather is getting better. Glad your back, missed the blog