Friday, 20 July 2012

On the road

Well today we started our trip, in the way it's suposed to be, with Ali sat next to me and the toad behind us.  We are now at Brauning Lake RV Resort just outside San Antonio.  To date it's the poshest RV park we have been to, we don't yet know what is posh and what is not but compared to the other two this is posh.  We are here for two nights, which gives us a whole day tomorrow to go have a nose in San Antonio and to see 'the alamo'.  I'm sure there will be a post about that then.

Oh and here's that footage from the AR Drone taken at the Shiloh park, in it you can see the RV and toad connected.


Ali here, I've also got a little video for you just because I was so excited to be sat in the sorry.....

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  1. Yay, the journey has started. Hope Adams driving is better than his ar flying in that video (ie no crashes). Have a safe adventure