Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Well we spent the day walking round a huge RV lot called PPL. They are one of the largest RV Consignmant dealers in the US and have a brill reputation. They give you a list and map of all their trailers and just let you walk around for as long as you want to check everything out. We spent 6 hour walking around and around in the blistering heat looking at RV's. It was ace.



  1. Welcome to US. Sorry the weather is so darn HOT! It is not much better here in Illinois over 90/35c and has been for well past 3+ weeks, The ground normally green is a ugly brownish and well yuck. I hope by the time you come up this way all will have switched around. You should shortly be getting rain events more often in your area with luck JUNE/JULY is Monsoonal weather (Lite Version) and it tends to knock down the heat. Happy you got here okay and RV life is fun!

  2. whoop whoop! With the RV bought that's the real "we're actually under way" feeling.... surely? Looking forward to the whole journey.