Friday, 6 July 2012

Toad hunt part 2

Well the day started off well, a short list of cars to go look at, and not much else to do.  We headed for what was the favourite of Ali first, not because it was her favourite but because it was the closest.  When we got there we were so happy we took a test drive and bought it!  That though is only half he story.  Trying to take just over $6K from your own account should not be so difficult, because I only have a debit card, the withdraw limit is $5k, even with the bank on the phone they won't auth it! the nearest branch is over 45 minutes away so an hour and a half round trip, and that assuming that I'd be able to sort it there.  After an hour of fighting with the system we tried a wire transfer, but being the first one I'd done, I missed the 'confirmation code' so we would then have to wait for a call back from the bank to confirm I'm me!  The salesman eventually took pity on us and let us leave without the confirmation code!  We did have the call back later and called the salesman with the code so all is good.

Once we had the car we headed straight to PPL to work out the gear required to hook it to the RV, as it was they didn't have some of the bits in stock so they have been ordered and paid for. 

We have also had a mail from the salesman over at PPL with a short list of things that need looking at on the RV, hopefully he'll come back to us in the morning again with a breakdown of what is needed to be done and how much it's going to cost.  The trouble is because of this it looks like we are going to have to stay in a hotel for another few days, I think it would be easier to stay here rather then move but that's something to be looked into tomorrow when we know more.

Well here's Ali


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