Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our last night at Rainbows End.

Ok, so we have decided to leave Rainbows End a day early. We where supposed to be leaving on Thursday morning early to get back to PPL to have the towing stuff put on the car and rig but rather than be up at 6 in the morning for a 2 hour drive we have decided to go a day early and stay at another RV camp for a couple of nights. There's an RV camp just down the road from PPl about 20 mins drive. Shiloh RV park in Richmond. It looks lovely, so we are off to there in the morning. We can then get up at a sensible hour to get the car to PPL Thursday morning no hassle. Yey...

 We havnt really done much the last couple of days. It's been bloody hot. In the 90s every day. Too hot to do much at all. We did some washing and had a couple of walks in the evenings when it got cooler. But apart from that we have been very's been great.


And this is me flying again,


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