Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kemah boardwalk.

Today is the first day we have had 'nothing to do' as in, we have the car, we are waiting on the RV.

We got an email last night saying there was a bunch of work that was needed to be done before we could pick the RV up, a big downer.  But this morning, in reply to my questioning email I got an OMG email from the sales guy, he'd sent us an email about another RV! ours is fine short of a rattling AC unit which they are investigating.  Either which way the RV isn't going to be ready on Saturday (boo) so another weekend in the hotel is what we will be having.

I got to have a play with the AR drone today too, out on a little patch of grass next to the hotel, it was fun and I'm looking forwad to playing some more.

This afternoon we went to the beach, well not quite.  We went to the coast, a little place called Kehma, imagine Bognor but at 90 deg! and American big.  We had lunch in a place that had a HUGE aquarium in the middle of it, it was cool and the food was good too.

On the drive we drove through a 'shower' it was quite a downpour.

OK, enough from me, here's her


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  1. Good to see that you had a nice relaxing day today, it rained abit here as well just wasn't as warm. have a good kip.