Thursday, 24 May 2012

Things are staring to end....(One week)

Ok, so I'm a little emotional at the moment. To be expected I suppose. We are leaving the country after all.

But stuff is ending all around me. Finishing. Ceasing to be...
I had my last Burlesque class tonight with the divine Jeanie Whishes who is also "with child" and moving to's my last Friday at work tomorrow as I finish end of May and that is next Thursday...It will be my last Sunday morning bacon butty with mates Shaz and Mark as we will be off moving house next Sunday and it's my last weekend to get some proper packing done. ( meh....that one I won't miss). Next Friday the 1st of June we have a leaving dinner with all our mates. And that's gone...well to Hungerford anyway...2 weeks house sitting for our mates while they go on holiday.

I'm absolutely knackered at the's too hot for a big lass to be proper comfy doin much of anything let alone ironing three hours solid a day after cleaning a six bedroom, five bathroom, three story house...god I can't wait till next Friday....then comeing home to walk the boys and feed us all befor squeezing in a bit of sorting/packing. Sleeping (or not sleeping) on the floor is taking its tole too...but at least I don't have far to roll off the bed in the mornings...but all of this changes in a week...omg...a days...168 hours...(approximately) I'm not working it out in seconds, it's a lot...



Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Practice pack!

Well, it may sound a bit premature but we have done our first practice pack!

I'll explain why we have done this with a drible under eight weeks till we go. Simple, for six of those weeks we won't be here!  This coming Sunday I'm off on a residential course for three weeks, then the weekend I return we plan on moving all the stuff out of the house and distributing it to those that are buying / selling or storing it for us.  Then we are house & dog sitting for a fortnight, then back to north Wales for our goodbye's  So really, now is the only chance we have to ensure we have the right stuff...

On that note, what is the right stuff?  We are going to a foreign country for more than a few months, what do you pack?  We have opted for light summery type stuff, and if we discover we need something else we'll get it there, no point lugging jumpers and stuff if we plan on staying away from the cold.

Selecting what to take was easier than I expected, three piles of clothes were generated from each closet, yes no and bin. Yes, stuff that 'could' be taken, No stuff that wouldn't be taken but stored and Bin well I think that one kind of explains itself.  My Yes pile is too big and will require a second filter whilst Ali's is just right, go figure.

Oh well, back to the packing, packing the house a little too as there's too much to expect Ali to do it all on her own whilst I'm away.