Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sunday Lunch

Well we decided to venture out to Livingston today, have a look around. We didn't get very far as most of it was closed.... Bummer... But we found an amazing cafe/store called The Courthouse Whistle-stop cafe. It was a huge antique and thrift shop attached to a cafe. Real home cooked Texas food too. We had Sunday lunch. Nom nom.
I had pulled roast beef with twice cooked mash potatoes and green beans and Ad had chicken and stuffing with French fries and mushrooms. It was bloody lovely. We had a good look round and spotted a welsh tea towel hung up. It was from Llangair PG where mum lives. How cool is that. After I told the owner of the connection she insisted on giving me the full address and I was to pass it to mum as she wants a postcard all the way from Wales to put up in the store. We took loads of pics, which you can see but no video today as tinterweb is still messing about and it takes hours to download... Will be back soon though. Promise...

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