Sunday, 22 July 2012

San Antonio, Texas

Lelo...its me in it.....

Well today was a brill day. we actually got to go do some real sight seeing.
We are staying just outside San Antonio, Texas. For anyone that doesn't know this is the home of "The Alamo" A Mission built originally by the Spanish to convert the native americans that ended up being a monument in history as the scene of a battle that helped secure Texas' independence from Mexico. (and yes i did steal that from a guide dont think i knew all that myself did you....?)
Anyways we drove to San Antonio, only 10 mins down the freeway, and walked round for the day. 

The centre of the city has a large river running thought it (the San Antonio river) and we did "The River Walk" which basically takes you thought the city along the river side, which incidentally is below street level so you walk under all the main streets and  past loads of historical sights. It was awesome. We finished the day with a river boat tour. Then home again, home again, jiggerty jig...


Oh and heres some photos

The Alamo (or at least the front of it)

The Plevins At The Alamo

Monument commemorating 100 years of Texas independence

Aztek Theatre

our lunch at "Ritas on the River"

Healthy Chocolate.....20 flavours of toffee/chocolate apples....nom

Marriachi Band at "Ritas"

Wonderful optical illusion building on river tour (look ma, no walls)

Marriott Hotel where Fairmount Hotel used to be

Statue of Saint Antonio

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