Friday, 31 August 2012

Just another film set!

Everyone remembers Superman putting it back together, Unisols abseiling down it and of course the governments top secret storage facility housing Megatron!....NO?
Well its the Hoover Dam to you mortals then.

When its not being blown up or hiding giant transforming robot baddies its one of the largest Hydropower generator in the USA. Saddling the mighty Colorado river it joins the borders of Nevada and Arizona and considering it was built in the 1930s its an awesome feet of engineering. Its vast, again the Americans dont do small, and has nearly a million visitors a year.

We started at the Hoover Dam bypass, opened in 2010. Just up from the dam it was constructed because the original two lane pass over the dam could not handle the 14000 vehicles a day it was getting. The new four lane bypass was to ease the congestion. A special pedestrian walkway was incorporated in to the new bridge to enable views of the dam, and they are amazing. as you are up above the dam the pics are wonderful and give you a perspective you wouldn't have otherwise had. You can still drive over the dam, which we did, and walk over it too, again, we did.
The architecture is amazing. Art Deco 1930s brass and marble everywhere. Beautiful.

As it connects the states of Nevada and Arizona right in the centre of the dam is a plaque telling you just that, with an arrow one way pointing to Nevada and another pointing in the other direction, obviously, to Arizona. Now as both states have different "Time Zones" we had to do the quintessential "Time travel thingy"...
Namely jumping from one state border to the other....Three o'clock, four o'clock,Three o'clock, four o'clock.   ha... we got a few strange looks for that.......

Hows that for Hydropower.

Thats a long way down.

New bypass.

One of the Guardians

When you think about it, its virtually time travel.

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