Tuesday, 28 August 2012

20th Wedding Anniversary

Well yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary, and the big reason for us not only doing this trip but being in Las Vegas for it.  The plan, if you have been paying attention, was for us to renew our wedding vows, in full Vegas cheesy fashion, Elvis, Graceland's wedding chapel, the whole nine yards.  Well, it didn't happen.  No, don't panic, it was our choice.  The chapel is on Las Vegas Boulevard, the same street we are living on, and so we have driven up and down it a few times, we spotted the place on a drive by and had a closer look the next time we went past, and with that the decision was made.

We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do now though.  I came up with an idea, something to show our devotion to each other, and something truly Las Vegas. A tattoo, something to show twenty years, something to show us, Adam 'n Ali, twenty years, A'n'A 20, A20A, AXXA  thats something how the thought process went anyways, stick it in a nice font, and both get it done, my first (I don't do pain) and one to add to Ali's collection.  A trip to Club Tattoo to speak to an artist and see what we could collectively come up with, and it was nice, organic, symmetrical, nice, and $150 each! for four letters! cough, splutter, not today thank you, I love you Ali but I'm not getting ripped off for you.

Ahhh  now what.

So, in the old acronym, KISS , Keep It Simple Stupid.  We'd seen a restaurant advertised, let's just go be silly, it's only once and it is spectacular, so we went to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, went up the tower, had a walk about and then went to the restaurant at the 'Top of the world'.  The dining area rotates so all the guests get to see the entire skyline which was awesome, but the food was equal to the view.  We both had fish dishes, and were glad we had opted not to have starters, like any high end restaurant anything you wanted came separately and you were charged for separately, again we were glad we didn't, we were both stuffed after the fish, with hardly enough room for a pudding...  Well you can't not have pudding.  Needless to say, what with the view and the food it was a wonderful night and befitting a marker to 20 years together.


All the way up there

Look I can see our house from here

The View from our table

Fishy Dinner


  1. Fantastic accomplishment. No trinket, no ceremony, no tatto can truly express what 20 years of marriage means. Only a lifetime of faithfulness can testify of how great marriage is.

  2. 20 years is great and what a way to mark that milestone!