Friday, 24 August 2012

5 hour round trip for a burger.

Yet another of our special points on the map. As featured in many films but most memorably in "Independence Day" and most recently in "Paul" the "Little A'Le'Inn" cafe and bar was a must to visit.  Sat right on the "Extraterrestrial Highway" to Rachel, Nevada, its a strange little place in the middle of absolutely no where. Population 98... yes thats 98 people. Its also known as "The UFO capital of the World".

As the closest town to the legendary "Area 51", a supposed test site for secret aircraft and UFO's, Rachel beckons to hundreds of conspiracy theorists every year. Its also home to the "Black Mailbox" which urban legend would have us believe is an unofficial mailbox for "Area 51".
(The black mailbox however is actually white, and surely if it was a secret test sight they wouldn't have a mailbox on the main highway) ......just sayin....

Anyway, it was another day trip out. Again, a nice journey with brill scenery, Although it did rain most of the way.
The cafe is tiny. A wooden shack on the side of the road. It has a pickup hauling a UFO across the car-park, which made us giggle, and paintings of aliens and UFO's everywhere. Outside the front door is a Time capsule left by the cast and crew of "Independence Day" in a huge concrete block which was pretty cool. Inside where posters, pictures, mugs, stickers and anything else you could think of to put an alien or spaceship on all over the walls and ceiling. An autographed picture and plaque from the cast and crew of "Paul" has pride of place on one wall. Pat, the owner wasn't around for us to meet unfortunately. We did ask. But she was tied up in the back office i think back i hope they didn't mean that literally....

We stayed for lunch "The Alien burger" it was actually pretty awesome as burgers go.

The Extraterrestrial Highway

How exactly do you clamp a spaceship?

The Black Mailbox, yes i know its white...

The Alien Burger...nom.


  1. That burger photo is the bomb. You look like a very happy camper with a mouthful of yummy for the tummy! You both look so happy seeing all the crazy sights. Safe travels into the LA area watch out for OJ!