Thursday, 2 August 2012

The aliens are coming...

So we have been in Roswell, New Mexico for a few days now. Not only was it our first proper sight seeing mark on our original map but it was to be a stopping point to get a few things sorted...

Our postal redirection was set up so we could register the vehicles and give people an address for important contact, so, we are sat here waiting on our license plates for the rig and toad. Adam also purchased some tinterweb equipment so we are waiting on that too. Plus he has done some re-wiring of the sound and vision in the rig, and put up our new TV. I have beautified bits too. Recovering our sofa and sticking up some decals to make our plain walls a bit more interesting.

As for the sight seeing, well we visited the UFO Museum. A must for any alien enthusiast. It was very interesting actually. The obligatory account of the "Incident" namely the 1947 UFO crash was very detailed. Accounts from all sides detailing what "did" and "didn't" happen.
UFO's throughout the years with photo's and incident reports where very cool. And even a wall dedicated to bogus accounts and photo's like "hovering hubcaps".  There where plenty of "Cheesy" bits too, like life size aliens stood around a rotating dish complete with flashing lights and sound affects and a mock up of an alien autopsy. They also had a wall full of autographed posters of sifi actors who had visited the museum.

Most of the shops have some sort of alien theme. Even the McDonalds was in the shape of a huge spaceship...Little green faces peer out of most shop windows and huge billboards advertising radio stations or storage are covered in the little green men. Its pretty entertaining really.

Alien Ale from Pecos Winery
This bloke wasn't that helpful if im honest...
UFO Museum
"Star Child" the very first Alien themed shop in Roswell
According to the American Government this is one of the test dummies that was mistaken as an alien body at the site of the Roswell crash.... Whatever....

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