Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vegas baby!

Day one,
   Well technically it's day two as we arrived yesterday, but we didn't do anything, so today is day one.

We arose early due to the time change again, we are now 8 hours behind the UK so it's all getting a bit confusing.  The site here has a pool and it was one of the  things raved about in the reviews we read before deciding on this site, so this morning we were there, and it lived up to it's reviews.  Now anyone who knows Ali knows she's not the best with water, but come the end of the time in the pool she was doing widths with a float!

After breakfast we wandered out to the main road and caught the bus into the north end of the strip, just outside of Treasure Island or ti as it's rebranded itself.....  anyways, we then spent the next six hours walking round the strip, we gave up when we got to the MGM Grand there's more to see so we will have to go back and continue again, but not tomorrow as we are both knackered.  Lunch was had at Pampas which is an all you can eat buffet with a twist, all the salad and 'stuff' is out for you to have as much as you want, but the meat is brought to your table.  You have a tag with a red and a green side, green is feed me, red is I've had enough for now.  Needless to say we ate well and it was real good.

When we got back to the RV it was hot, I'm not talking mildly warm I'm talking the wrong side of 100F.  We (I) had elected to leave the Air Conditioning off all day (A mistake I now know) So to cool off we hit the pool again! and we sploshed about till the sun was almost down, it was a lovely way to finish off the day.

Day Two,
  A Lazy but expensive day!  We went out to Camping World which is one of those big camping stores, it's a nationwide chain where you can buy everything from RV's to RV lightbulbs. anyway, we went because the awning / slide cover we have that covers our slide out is broken, the mechanism is all but shot and the material is ripped, so it's pretty much not doing what it's designed to do.  Well we ordered a new one, and it's just a case of waiting for it to arrive then get it fitted.  We did a bit of shopping too, normal household type stuff so nothing interesting, just a lazy expensive day.

Day Three,
  Today was a cheep fun day...back in the pool in the morning, which is bloomin lovely, and helps wake us up and then we spent the day in the rig, surfing, sorting out pics, calls to home, stuff like that. We had some dinner and then got our glad rags on for an evening on the strip. i have to say it was brill. The highlight for me was the fountains at the Balagio. Wonderful display to music. i got some video but it doesn't do it justice. The Volcano at the Mirage was pretty awesome too.
The whole strip lit up is a sight. This place turns you in to a kid again.. its like the first time you see the turning on of the christmas lights, but bigger...  Imagine Blackpool on acid...

The MGM from a walkway over the road

New York, New York casino floor

Outside the Balagio waiting for the fountains to start

New York, New York


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  1. I love Vegas, wish I was there right now. Hope you have a great time.