Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

Yes, it's been a month and it's come time to leave.  We have both agreed however, a month is too long! Yes even in Las Vegas where there is a million and one things to do, a month is too long.  Also, we are here to see America, not to sit in one place, we won't (don't plan to) be stopping anywhere more than a week from here on in.

Over the last few days we have finished ticking off the list of things to do.

On Friday we met up with one of Ali's friends, Julia, and her soon to be husband, Patrick, She's in the RAF out here, working and he's an actor (he does a good Jack Sparrow).  We had lunch with them and then wandered about the strip, including a stop in margaretaville for an alcoholic drink with far too much alcohol for the middle of the day!  We concluded the day sat in the saloon associated with our RV park having a few beers which was a perfect end to a good day.

On Saturday we did 'The Fremont Street Experience'.  This is essentially in the 'old' las vegas, they have erected what is the worlds largest screen, above your head and running two city blocks!  It's an awesome sight, on the top of every hour they put on a show, there's a video to show it off, words just wouldn't do it justice.  In-between the shows there are street performers, some better than others, and two stages, one at each end near enough, with a live band on each, playing all night.  It was truly and experience and one I'm glad we didn't miss.

Sunday was a relaxing day, we went out to one of the farmers markets which had been recommended, it was a bit of a bust and so not really worth the effort though I did get some really good beef jerky.  We then went to get some grocery shopping from a whole food store we have come to enjoy shopping at, it makes a change from Walmart ( Think M&S v Kwik Save).  They have tables at the front of the shop so you can sit and eat the fresh produce you have just bought, what a great idea, so we ate lunch there.  The rest of the day was mooching round, visited a few more stores for bit's and bobs, nothing all that exciting.

Today, Monday, is get ready to move day, phone home, say hi, all is good, prepare the RV for hitting the road tomorrow, we plan on leaving early, say 8am, it's a 5 or more hour drive and I want to fill up with LPG before we leave Las Vegas.

Well thats it, this is us, leaving Las Vegas.


Far, far too much alcohol for a lunchtime drink

Kenny G's long lost brother (He was actually quite good)

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