Thursday, 13 September 2012

LA,Day Four, Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks.

What can you say, anyone who has ever seen or owned a tv, even for a shortest measure of time, will have seen Vasquez rocks, you may not have known their name but their unique formation will have been imprinted on your minds eye for an eternity.

Receiving their name from a notorious bandit from the late 1800's who used them as a hideout to evade the authorities, they are an awesome sight to behold.  Jutting out of the earth at an obscure angle they give the sourunding area unique feel, transporting you from a daring cliff face in Zorro proclaiming his unity with the people to a far off planets surface where Captain Kirk battles a lizard king.  For geeks like us these images and all the ones in between (bonanza, Bill & Ted, flint stones, Paul) instantaneously flash across our minds when stood staring at the rocks.

For any non-geek out there it was very picturesque.

Packed lunch and AR Drone in hand we ventured up the rocks to find our pitch and bask in it's awesomeness, steeper than it looks we struggled to go up and opted to go around the main piece of jutting rock finding a crevice in the shade on one side to stop and eat some lunch.  Lunch done, AR Drone played with we returned to the car.
Upon witnessing another group of tourists struggling but making it to the top of the rocks we regained our British stiff upper lip and decided we were not to be outdone, leaving all our stuff at the car, bar a bottle of water each, we started our hike up the iconic rock face.  Now we are not hikers or rock climbers by any leap of the imagination and neither of us are sixteen any more but we decided that if we took our time we could tame this beast in true British fashion, slowly but surly we mad it 3/4 of the way up to a sheltered resting place where we took in the awesome views, however this was not enough for one of us, insisting on going higher one of us kept the sheltered spot whilst the other continued to climb, it was hot up there, no cover, just an open rock face and even for and experienced sun worshiper it was too hot.  Giving up the efforts to reach the pinnacle a return was made to the shady nook in the rocks where the heat, exertion, age and general lack of fitness took hold, and resulted in one of us hitting the deck like a sack of spuds.  The other ran to said parties aid and after turning them up the right way, sitting them in the shade and dousing them in cool water I Felt much better ;)
Bugger I gave the game away.

Yes I fainted like a girl.....

Once composure was regained a slow decent and return to the car was made, nursing bruised knees and a bloodied nose, injuries sustained from falling face first onto the rocks (it's not the falling that hurts, it's the sudden stop)  With my ego bruised more than my body, we live to fight on another day, the sun won this one, but there will be others.

NOW you know the rockss we mean!

Look, it's Adam



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