Thursday, 13 September 2012

LA, Day Two, A couple of beaches.

Long Beach and Venice Beach.

Long Beach isn't what it sounds, it's an area as opposed to a single beach, we weren't there for any specific reason other than to say we'd been there.  We stopped at a little boardwalk and had an ice cream, taking some photos of the area and the Queen Mary ship, which has it's resting place here as a tourist attraction.

Venice beach.  What a wonderfully bizarre place, from buskers who couldn't hit a note to guitarists who I could listen to for hours.  I don't think either of us could write sufficiently to explain the diversity of this place needless to say Ali's said she'd live there, yes it's that weird.  The one guy, in our mind the most famous person known to frequent the beach, was there which kinda made Ali's day, he's the rollerblading guitar playing raster from more than one movie, Ali's favourite though being The Assassin where he sings and plays whilst circling the lead actress.  Considering how old that film is he's been there doing his thing for a long time.  We stayed on the beach whilst the sun set, I had taken the AR Drone, so got that out for a bit of a play on the open beach which was cool, I got some good footage and only crashed once....

Day two done, and much better than day one.

Us again


Venus, Venice beach style

The Queen Mary

Long Beach, beach...

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