Saturday, 24 March 2012


So, the car is sold

Now we can by some tickets....   errrr for when?

So, off to do some digging, we need the Gratuity money to pay for the RV, the money 'could' take up to 30 days to turn up after my "out date" (July 13th), then 5 to transfer, so we are looking at, sensibly, 35 days after my "out date" to fly out...  then to get to Las Vegas by the 27th August....  never going to happen.
So before July then....mmmmm...4th of July in America....Yes please...

So, the solution, borrow some money and pay it back with the gratuity, we could then leave before the money comes in and start the 'holiday' early.  So can we borrow some money please, yes of course you can says the young lady in the bank! right, done...  wedge of cash in the bank, thank you very much!

So, again, Now we can buy some tickets.....  errr for when?

There's no work or training type commitments from the beginning of June, but we are house/dog sitting 'till the 23rd.  So after the 23rd...  30th?  Cool....

So, the flights are booked and paid for!

We fly June 30th, Heathrow, Terminal 5!



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