Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's gone.....

In 1991 I bought my first car, a Toyota.  I've always had a car since then, sometimes more than one, sometimes complemented by a motorbike, but tonight I sold my car.  I don't have a replacement, that isn't mine anyways, we have the wife's car, but thats hers not mine.

When we were planning the trip, in the early stages we decided we didn't need to have two cars, especially whilst we are out of the country.  The decision was made to sell one of the cars, mine.  Ali's car is going to be more practical upon our return so we are going to keep it, her little sister is going to look after it whilst we are away.

So, now that it's gone we have the cash required to buy our flight tickets, and this will be the next big thing as that will then put some dates in the calendar that can't be moved.  Now it's just to work out that date....


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