Friday, 30 March 2012

It's all booked up!

Well, we started with the flights and worked from there.  We fly BA from terminal 5, at half ten in the morning, so best we stop over the night before. So a hotel, Premier Inn, booked, sorted.
We need to get to London, lets make life easy, get the train, as we will be in North Wales, not Bloody Likely! at over 200 pounds it'll be cheaper to hire a car one way, so that's booked now too and nice and easy thanks to Hertz on line.
Now for the 'other' end, a hotel and a car for a week I think, hopefully will give us time to find what we need, Hertz again, prepayed and it's done, and it's costing double what we paid for one day for the week, go figure.
Finally the hotel, Hilton, just down the road from the RV place, 'special' pay in advance fee, that's twenty bucks cheaper than the walk in off the street fee? Don't mind if I do.
So that's us all covered, drive, sleep, fly, drive, sleep
Whoop Whoop!

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