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Seven days, thats how long we had booked, seven days in the happiest place on earth.  Well technically it's seven nights, so just six full days, and as such we got a five day pass for the parks, allowing us one day to go back and do the other Universal park.

Adams Take

Day Zero, we arrive...  The place is huge, I'm not talking big, I'm talking HUGE, 47 Square miles type HUGE.  We follow the signs, and arrive at what looks like a toll booth, it's where anyone getting close pays for parking, not entry to the park, just the parking.  No fear though, if you pull up in an RV they assume your heading to the RV park and give you directions to their park, nice and easy.  Arrival at the RV park is just as easy, we didn't even have to get out of the RV, passes, plans, tickets, directions all the bits and bobs we would need were handed to us then an there, perfect.  Well it would have been perfect, if they hadn't put us in a site next to a crazy lady with a whole heap of caged animals outside her RV one of which was some sort of parakeet that just didn't shut up.  A quick trip to the concierge office (on the complementary bus) and we were given a new site to move to, away from the crazy lady.  Some thought after the fact leads us to believe that we were also upgraded to one of the top tier spots, too, from the lowest tear spots.  But just to keep it in perspective, the lowest tear spots were $67 a night and the top spots are $95! We usually pay $20!  The pitch was huge, we are talking 45 or 50 foot long, and easly 30 foot wide, concrete, a big patio table and a nice BBQ, surrounded by trees so you get a little feeling of privacy and a 30 second walk from the nearest bus stop. Perfect.

We had a five day pass for the parks, thats one day for each park and a day to return to one of the parks if we didn't get one of them done in a day, there was an option to change that last day ticket to a 'hopper' so we could move between parks on that last day but as it was a cost option (nothing is free) we held off until we decided it was necessary.

To bed early, this is going to be a long week...

Day One, Animal Kingdom.
The park clearly has an animal theme, think jungle book, think Lion King, think a bugs life and your there, each ride or show has a theme to it.  Animal Kingdom, covers the most ground of all the parks as there is a safari ride, which takes you through what is effectively an open air cage-less zoo, very cleverly done and enjoyable.  The big roller-coaster on this site is called everest and is supposed to be a ride through the Himalayas with the yeti on your tail, it's clever, fast and enjoyable, with track switching and reverse sections it's certainly not your average coaster.  There was a 3D style 'ride' with added water wind and smells, There was an old school 3D 'ride' and a few other bits and bobs but surprisingly to us we were done well before we had expected, we'd anticipated being rushing and queuing from here to there to get it all done, but so much of it was aimed at the younger audience meant there wasn't actually an awful lot for a pair of adults (well one adult and one child in an adults body) to do..  So we headed back to the RV hours before we expected.

Day Two, Hollywood Studios.
New Roller-coaster, New 3D style 'ride', Older style 3D 'ride', other bits and bobs.  All the rides this time have a Hollywood movie type theme, Terminator, MIB, Simpsons the oddity in the pack is the big roller-coaster, based round Aerosmith.  Shockingly and in a way sadly, we experienced the same things as at Animal Kingdom, the place was shockingly clean, there was always someone to answer any question never more than 20 foot away (yes there are that many staff) but again, two adults, no kids and we were all done before we expected.  That included riding some of the rides more than once.

Day Three, Magic Kingdom
New Roller-coaster, New 3D style 'ride', Older style 3D 'ride', other bits and bobs. (Do you see a pattern?) Everything here is based on what we remember as the classic Disney, Mickey, Donald, all the sparkle.  We did the rounds, but today we loitered, the Magic Kingdom has the castle and it being the time of year that it is they cover it in lights, it looks quite spectacular.  Oh and we had a bit of proof that Disney isn't run on magic, when the lights were turned on, one section failed to come on and only came on after about a 20 minute delay, much to the delight of the crowd.  Then of course they were turned off for the daily fireworks show, a show is a bit of a lame term for it, it continues for about 15 minutes and there isn't a split second without an oooh or an ahhh.

Day Four, EPCOT
New 3D style 'ride', Older style 3D 'ride', other bits and bobs......  all with a 'futuristic' twist..  and a food festival....  yes you read that right a food festival WHOOP!  or not, yes lots of extra stands serving foods from all over the world, at a cost.  The site is spread over a wide arc and walking the arc takes us longer than we expected so a decision is made that this will be the place we come back to on our fifth day and as such we take our time, only taking in about 65% of whats to be seen.

Day Five, Universal, Islands of adventure.
Ahh, disney for grownups. It's a whole heap of rides, we got there early expecting crowds, and there were none! we did ride after ride multiple times with no more than a 10 minute wait, and even that was optional because we were waiting for the front seats!  The Harry Potter World area is the highlight of the park, the whole area is decked out like the film and the two potter rides are the highlight of the week,

Day Six, EPCOT
Day two of EPCOT and we head round the arc the oposite way to the direction we went on the first day, covering all the bits we didn't see on the first.  Whilst it's got no big roller-coaster there was lots too see, odd but whilst there wasn't much to do there was much to see.

Day Seven,
We depart, looking forward for a rest to recover from the happiest place in the world.

Ali's Take

Day Zero,
Arrived at the park and got given a spot next to crazy parrot moved.

Day One, Animal Kingdom.

Day Two, Hollywood Studios.
......More Fun

Day Three, Magic Kingdom.

Day Four, EPCOT.
.......Woo Hoo...

Day Five, Universal, Islands of adventure.
......Oh My God, can i take any more fun.....yup, i can.

Day Six, EPCOT (International food and wine festival)
Food......oh and more fun.

Day Seven.
Gotta go more fun......(sad face)

Do you get the feeling I had more fun than Adam at Disney. Well I did, cause I'm still a kid inside, cant help it.
He is just a grumpy old git.....
But I don't care, I had the time of my life...I mean come on... it's frigin Disney frigin Florida.....HELLO.......

Look, he is almost smiling. But that is just because its the first day. Just wait.

Sorry, but i chickened out. The hubby is on his own here...

ooooh,  aaaahhh.....

No, definitely not smiling here.

See, Grumpy old git...

Pretty high on the awesomeness ride list...

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