Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lets take a break!

Before we have our epic week in Disney World we have decided to go have a week at the sea side. Well kinda, Fort Pickens is a state park on the gulf islands off Pensacola. With only one way in or out of the park along a man made causeway it boasts seclusion and beauty. And it has both. Although there where plenty of people staying on the campsite its a pretty big place and the sites are spacious so your not on top of each other. Plus with miles of coast line to explore there was plenty of space to loose the other campers.

Being a national park of course it is also a conservation site. We happened to stay during a butterfly migration too so there was plenty to see. Butterflys, dragonflies, frogs, lizards and of course snakes. Yup i said snakes. Fortunately the only ones I saw where roadkill.  And i mean fortunately for me, not fortunately for the snakes. I dont like them but i dont want them flattened either.   The birds where amazing too. We got visited by beautiful Red Cardinal most days and i have never seen so many pelicans and heron in one place.

The beaches are exceptional. White sands as clean as I'v ever seen and the sea is so blue it doesn't look real. Its almost like a painting of a perfect beach. The most perfect beach you ever saw. Just amazing.

Once again out movie minds kicked in, Pensacola featured,again, in our favourite movie Contact. At the beginning of the movie a young Eleanor Arroway chats on her CB radio with a man in Florida and discovers he lives in Pensacola. A little obscure maybe but we had to go see.....

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