Thursday, 9 February 2012

Still waiting and planning

Well, my passport hasn't turned up yet, and we were kinda hoping it would be fairly quick as we still need to go through the visa process.  My old one has been returned with the corners cut off the cover which is normal practice and the cheque has been cashed which I can only assume means it is winging it's way to us.

But plans do progress,

I've been looking at flight dates and relative costs, typically the date's we had in mind just happen to be the most expensive times, but when needs must, we can't go much earlier as I'd like to be here to sort out funds and any potential issues with said funds.

For months now we (I) have been keeping a close eye on the website of the place we are going to buy the RV from, a place that comes highly recommended in Texas called PPL.  I go on their site, I look through the Class A RV's and go ' thats the one I want ' and usually it's gone within a few weeks.  More recently though I've got stuck on one RV, and it's not sold.  The chances of it still being there in July are slim to none but it's still there, it ticks most of the boxes in the 'want' list it's only issue as far as I can tell is high milage, but whats high milage on a vehicle with a ford V8 that will never have done over 60 mph?

So we wait, and we plan, considering we have been thinking about this for a long time now I still think it's going to turn into a rush at the end, oh well, it'll be good once we get there


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